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Terra Vine offers sales & marketing strategy, by the glass.

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International Marketing & Communications

Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish

Our Values

Transparency, Curiosity & Growth

Terra Vine Marketing puts people first. We serve clients with honesty, integrity and from a growth mindset. Terra Vine was founded to break away from workplace negativity, bullying, and from communications agencies that over promise.

We optimize your online sales funnel and marketing strategy through curiosity, imaginative content and data-driven decisions —all with respect for you and your customers.

Who We Serve

Terra Vine is a marketing & communications agency for growing businesses, including the wine and travel industries. Our experience ranges from representing wine regions to financial startups.

We work with companies who are ready to take the leap to grow their business, especially in the USA or Europe who wish to make an impact socially and environmentally.

Meet the Team

Aubrey Terrazas Founder of Terra Vine

Aubrey Terrazas

Founder & CEO

Aubrey Terrazas is an 18-year hospitality professional, Master Sommelier candidate, and Certified Online Marketing Associate who founded the international digital marketing & PR agency, Terra Vine.
After receiving a BA in French with a minor in theatre and music at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Aubrey launched a multi-passionate, dual career as a sommelier and fitness coach. Later in San Francisco, Aubrey was both a wine director for Michelin-starred restaurants as well as one of the leading fitness instructors. She created original programming for both Equinox and Corepower Yoga while pursuing her Master Sommelier Diploma.
Her ties to the wine industry and experience with grassroots marketing for the restaurant community led into co-founding one of California’s top marketing, PR & event marketing agency for the food & beverage. There, she represented clients such as IBM, Apple executives, Wine Access, California Wine Institute, and Fetzer.
After selling her partnership in January 2020, she founded Terra Vine —a digital marketing & PR agency based in France that supports visionary entrepreneurs in the wine, travel, & lifestyle industries.

Wine credentials: Advanced Sommelier
Language: English (native) & French (B2)

creative marketing agency founder and ceo, advanced sommelier, wine marketer

Alexander Terrazas

Community Manager & Motion Designer

Alexander Terrazas is an award-winning pastry chef and baker that now leverages his eye for beauty into photography, video editing, and content creation. Alexander Terrazas passion for cooking began when he was five in Arlington, Virginia. He learned under his father, who was a chef (and who strongly advised Alexander against the arduous career path in the kitchen).

Alex went to school for Biology, but his passion still lies with food. In Virginia he started a small confections company before moving to Chicago to pursue a path in fine dining. His first official line cook job was at 3-Star Michelin Alinea, which he earned by knocking at the back door and asking for a chance to show his skill. Alexander has a tireless commitment to self-study that led him through various roles in the kitchen.

In 2013, Alex and his wife moved to San Francisco. He refined his interest and skill in croissants and other laminated pastries at Le Marais Bakery before working at Pastry Chef at RN74. Alexander’s curiosity in bread eventually led to a role as Executive Pastry Chef at the Jane group. Since moving to California, Alex also inevitably deepened his passion for wine, as he supports and follows his wife’s journey towards becoming a Master Sommelier. Alexander traveled to wine regions around the world, from Europe to South America to California. He loves to discover unique wine pairings, but his favorite is always Champagne. He now lives between Lyon, France and Florida.

Languages: English (native), Spanish (native), French (A2)

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Claire Deville

Web/Design Partner

With full design, art direction and digital studies, Claire Deville enthusiastically translates ideas into image. She listens carefully to her clients and employs deep product understanding to lead the artistic direction for her designs. For her, those skills are essential in the wine & spirit industry in order to better enhance this living product.

Language: French (native) & English (B2)

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