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What We Do

Terra Vine works with an informed, global perspective to digital marketing, brand management and PR. Grow your business to find freedom in your life and work.


How We’re Different

Imaginative Communications. Transformative Growth.


We love to tackle crowded spaces, startups, and small businesses. Finding solutions allows us to tap into our creativity and stimulates our growth-mindset. Our roots are in wine, food, travel & fitness so we believe in following your passion. If you have a vision, we want to get you there.


We only advise on a marketing strategy or approach that we believe will serve your long-term growth. Our team is made of lifelong learners who constantly improve their skills, knowledge, and service. We test creative strategy to find your path to growth.


We explore industry trends and new ideas to better serve our clients with marketing & communications. Our client journey always starts with understanding your unique offering, and our growth method stems from testing, learning, and scaling from that data. No matter how well we know a space, we always want to know more!


We take a transparent approach to our communications so that we can grow with our clients. We run our company with respect for our clients, their customers, and one another.

Meet the Team

Aubrey Terrazas Founder of Terra Vine

Aubrey Terrazas

Founder & CEO

creative marketing agency founder and ceo, advanced sommelier, wine marketer

Alexander Terrazas

Creative Asset Manager

website development, designer, graphic artist, graphic designer

Claire Deville

Web/Design Partner

Visite Website

socially responsible marketing solutions

“Always deliver more than expected”

-Larry Page

Terra Vine Gives Back

We donate 1% of revenue to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation